Assignment 3
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EDGE900 Autumn 2012

Introduction to technology in education

Assignment Three

Research and Evaluation



Select a topic associated with the future of educational technology that is a current focus in educational research or evaluation (e.g., online communities; mobile learning, learning objects, effectiveness of technology integration etc.).

Perform a literature search to identify a range of research or evaluation studies that inform or are related to your topic. The studies should refer qualitative and or quantitative data.

Choose up to 10 academic sources to include in a reference list.
Choose 4 of those academic sources to include in an annotated source list.
Annotate those 4 sources in terms of:

  • A concise summary of the central theme and scope of the article

  • A comment on the intended audience

  • A description of what was done, what was found the purpose of the study,
    methodology (design, participants, setting, analysis), results, conclusion

  • A comparison to other work you have cited

  • An explanation of how this particular work informs or supports the topic.

You are to present your work online as a shared resource (e.g. blog, concept map, wiki, GoogleDoc, etc.). In the week before the task is due, you will conduct a peer reviews with another student. The details of this assignment will be negotiated in class.

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