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EDGE901 Spring 2014

Emerging Issues in Educational Technology

Assignment Two

Online Presentation



In this assessment, you will explore the impact of technology use or access in Australian education or internationally. To do this, you will use a variety of sources (e.g. ABS data, data visualizations, data you have collected, academic and/or popular literature, white papers, multimedia, etc.) to present and support your view of the digital divide in a digital presentation (e.g. Prezi, SlideShare, a blog, wiki site, web page, etc.). In your presentation you will address the following:


1) The relevance of the issue in Australia or internationally.


2) A clear argument and your position on the issue, supported by academic sources and/or data.


3) Use a variety of media (e.g. images, data tables and visualizations, documentary video, etc.) to support and illustrate your position.


You will support your position with relevant academic literature (at least 10 sources).


Additional details will be provided in Moodle.

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