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EDGE903 Spring 13


Multimedia and Interface Design


Assessment Two

Describe your understanding of your topic in a multimedia presentation



Choose a particular topic that you want to pursue for the rest of the subject.

Explore your topic and identify the key concepts.  

  1. Create a presentation in a format of your choice (see the options below) that communicates what you understand about the topic. This could include definitions, key/competing ideas, importance of the topic in education, applications/examples of the concepts in education, research findings etc.

Your presentation could be

  • A written report/essay incorporating images/screenshots as desired

  • A slideshow presentation (using Powerpoint, Prezi, video or other presentation tool) of up to 20 slides

  • A web site of equivalent length

Feel free to be as creative as you like using different media to communicate your message. You can include text, images, links to Web pages, audio etc. to develop your presentation. Make sure though you submit it in a format that your lecturer can open it. Or you can just provide a link if you have created your presentation in an online tool. This would be a good opportunity to develop some new skills, for example using a tool or technique you're not already familiar with but want a reason to learn.

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