Huzzas Cliff Collapse

There was a cliff collapse during a surfing carnival in 1996, which killed nine spectactors (5 adults and 4 children). I remember it being in the news at the time and it was very shocking. The people were at Huzzas Beach on the south side of the bay sheltering from the rain beneath a large overhang in the limestone cliffs, when it collapsed without warning.

The victims included:
Lindsay Thompson – 47
Ian Bremner – 39
Peter McFarlane – 41
Lindell Otto – 41
Madline Wall – 35

and children

Gina Iddon – 11
Rebecca Morgan – 12
Rachel Waller – 12
Nathan Sotiriadis 13

While South Point isn’t a great wave, it also isn’t terrible. South Point is located directly across the bay from North Point, and is overlooked by the small township of Gracetown. It’s a full/lacklustre left-hander which slowly rolls down the point. When surfing out here don’t race the wave just stay close to the white water. The surf is best on a moderate to large swell. South Point also offers some protection from a southerly wind – one of the few surf spots in the area that does. If you’re anything like myself and big North Point scares the pants off most, at least you can get a wave at South Point without putting your life on the line

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