Injidup Bay – South – Injidup Beach

The name Injidup comes from the Nyoongar word (inji) for the lovely red pea flower (Templetonia retusa) that grows along the limestone cliffs in spring.

Great for surfing, snorkeling, sliding down massive sand dunes, swimming and diving, Injidup Beach is located a short drive from Yallingup.

Injidup Bay – North – Injidup Spa 

At first, it seems just another majestic rockpool – something WA doesn’t exactly lack, but through the cracks of the rocks the surf blasts through, creating a spa-like experience.

Injidup Bay – North – Injidup Spa

To find this, head out of Yallingup towards Margaret River and you’ll stumble down Wyadup Road. It takes you to Injidup – which is also worth checking out: catch it on a good day and it has a solid wedge of a wave. Instead of turning left to Injidup, follow Wyadup Road to the end carpark, walk down the rocks on the left, and to the right is the natural spa.

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