Another great night’s sleep. This place just brings a calm to the world.

Day 03

Today we will be out and about testing the new camera lens to see how it picks up surfers and landscape features in the greater distance.

Injidup Beach / Bay

This beautiful west-facing beach is somewhat protected from southerly winds by Injidup point. The viewing platform near the car park is a stunning place to watch surfers or the sunset. Injidup is a popular surf beach as well as a lovely quiet swimming spot. The casual 20-minute walk to the end of the rocky headland is recommended. 

2021 – 01 17 – January 17th – Margaret River – Injidup Bay

Wyadup Rocks / Injidup Spa

Here is a hidden gem that the locals really don’t want you to know about. This natural spa is nature’s way of making you feel like royalty without having to spend a cent. Immerse yourself and let the froth wash over you as the waves spill in. This natural wonder and landscape should not be confused with the Injidup Spa Resort.

2021 – 01 17 – January 17th – Margaret River – Wyadup Rocks


There has been some deaths at this location due to stupidity, inexperience and a lack of safety.

Canal Rocks Boat Ramp

The timber pathway meanders around and across the rocks, taking in grand seascapes with swirling water to little pools and lagoons where you can look for marine creatures like cheeky crabs to brightly coloured starfish. For something more challenging there are areas to climb over rocks, or take an energetic stroll to the lookout about 500m from the road.

2021 – 01 17 – January 17th – Margaret River – Canal Rocks Boat Ramp

Bunker Bay Shelley Cove

2021 – 01 17 – January 17th – Margaret River – Bunker Bay – Shelley Cove

This sheltered bay has a sandy beach about 100 meters wide. The rocks and reef just off the beach are perfect for snorkeling. The rocky headland to the southeast (i.e. on the Dunsborough side of the cove) is a popular fishing spot. For a nice little hike, rock-hop along the coast heading northwest. There are spectacular views of coastal cliffs. Follow the coast until after about a kilometer from Shelley Cove you see a huge sea cave within the cliff.

Yallingup Rabbits – Rabbit Hill

Yallingup is where you’ll find Rabbit Hill and Yallingup Main Break, the birthplace of surfing in the southwest. Yallingup Main Break has incredible left and right-handers, easily accessible from the beach and prefers an easterly wind, but given it is fairly sheltered, it can handle a bit of everything. Rabbits is an awesome wave, working well in a west or southwest swell and easterly wind.

2021 – 01 17 – January 17th – Margaret River – Yallingup – Rabbits – Rabbit Hill

Yallingup – The Lagoon Sunset

2021 – 01 17 – January 17th – Margaret River – Yallingup – The Lagoon – Sunset

To the left of the main beach staircase is the Yallingup lagoon, a tranquil embrace of blue encircled by shallow reef. Free of the wild wash of ocean. A slice of kid-friendly, summer-swimming heaven. And to the right? A crash of beach break.

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