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T Minus 140 Days

Booked our bunny hop flight to Vancouver Island for a week. Somewhere to stay next?

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Food 4 Thought!!

Day 57 & 58 – Melbourne – MCG

Day 57 – Went to watch the Geeling v Hawthorn game at the MCG – more about the MCG tomorrow.

Day 28 – Hong Kong – Michelin 2 Star

Work up this morning after a huge 19 hr sleep. That’s right: 19hr.

Day 14/15 – Vancouver

Day 14 travelling Early pick up from the hotel, flight number 3. We are crossing Canada heading West to Vancouver.


T Minus 152 Days

T Minus 228 Days

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T Minus 259 Days

Finally, we have managed to book a hotel for our stay in Hong Kong.

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T Minus 152 Days

T Minus 228 Days

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T Minus 259 Days

T Minus 275 Days

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