So, here is the thing. We have been walking around with a sign above our heads, that has been flashing away to a certain type of resident in Hong Kong. This sign has been flashing the following:

I want to buy a fake watch

I want to buy some clothing (suit, shirt, trousers, pants) etc

I want to go dancing in the basement clubs

Every trip down Nathan Road (not the other streets), random spives (Arthur Daley, Alan Bond) bombard us with requests to use their services. Politeness by them / not happening.

Response by us / quick and fast. This usually continues for 20 meters or so before they give up. There are beginning to stand out more clearly and openly.

This is even stranger – after my 50th offer, I stood back and watched who else had a flashing sign. Only Caucasians (white people) had the sign.

One thought on “Day 2 – Hong Kong – Invisible sign

  1. Skye says:

    Definitely sounds like Asia! They are very persistent people hahaha
    Ash and I want to go to Hong Kong one day 🙂

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