A quiet day amongst the skyscrapers. Took a hike up to the Ladies Markets north of our location for some night shopping and a feed. Its name is its meaning. Goods some mainly sold to women; clothing, bags, i Gear, shoes, slippers and general bric a brac.

Day 3 – Hong Kong – Kimchi Dumplings

For food, we went to a Korean Restaurant.

We both had Kimchi dumplings in hot Kimchi soup followed by Stone Pot Bibimbap with BBQ Pork. The pot arrived on its own furnace stand. Too hot to handle.

Day 3 – Hong Kong – Kimchi

The rice had formed a crust around the edges, much like the way a paella pan holds its rice when first presented. Crusty rice. Finely shredded veggies topped with bbq pork, with a raw egg yolk in the centre.

A quick stir of all the ingredients, before chow down.

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