No surprises this morning, snow blankets the city, people move swiftly to avoid the slush. So what to do today?

Anyone who knows me will agree that I am not a gallery, museum or cathedral kind of person.

Day 07 – Toronto – AGO

As a kid, my sister and I escaped the grounds of York cathedral. We gave our parents the slip and went in search of ice cream. However when it’s snowing outside you need somewhere other than a pub to keep you entertained (for one day at least). We found the Art gallery of Ontario (AGO) as the locals call it.

A beautiful building set amidst the streets of the theatre district, three storey town houses line the road, cafes and restaurants all around. We paid our $20, checked our cumbersome coats (yay) and set off to gaze at the exhibits. A mixture of local Canadian and international works greeted us.



Day 07 – Toronto – AGO

Day 07 – Toronto – AGO

The space was vast, people milled around the rooms admiring works by Monet, Ben Nicholson, Rodin and a well-known English sculptor from the north Henry Moore. Our camera had a workout that would make Michelle Bridges proud. Three hours later we emerged, donned our coats and went looking for dinner.


We walked along to the Eaton Centre and found the food level, we were given the choice of cuisine from around the world. We opted for Asian noodles, veggies, beef and chicken. Culture had given us an appetite but the size of our plate was a challenge we would lose. Cheap good hot food…. Result!

We rolled further along Yonge Street, a road that has become as familiar as Nathan Road in Hong Kong. Found another British Pub called the Elephant Castle. A converted bank that reminded me of days gone by in Manchester. Long tables, high stools and somewhere to off-load our coats. They really think of everything.

Boddingtons on tap, we settled in and watched the hockey on one screen, Olympics on another. We  chatted to the bar staff and the bar tender and  attempted an Espresso Martini (off menu especially for us). If the coffee had been Italian stove top, brewed instead of drip fed and watery, he would have nailed it.

Day 07 – Toronto – AGO

As the local council used snow ploughs to clear our path, we made our way back up Yonge street to our cozy bed.

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  1. Sprog says:

    Remember that well skippy. We found more interest in squirrels playing on the grass, thanks for the snow your’re sending over to the UK. Not proper snow as it aint sticking – xx loving the blogs

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