Another day in Toronto, the snow has all gone, the pavements are clear and Toronto is moving again.

Day 12 – Toronto – ROM – Civilisations

Not that it ever stopped moving, this place keeps going whatever the weather throws on it. We decide on another day of culture, so we are headed to the Royal Ontario Museum. We pay what appears to be standard fees for culture in this city ($20) and in we go. Coats checked we have three floors to explore. There are dinosaurs, relics from the ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and of course local history.

There is also a room full of minerals and precious stones. We head to see the dinosaurs first, along with 2 school parties. One party are well behaved, following instructions from the teachers and respecting the environment they are visiting. The other party are feral, the kids are loud, screaming, running everywhere. One set almost take the legs out from one of the elderly ladies visiting the museum. The teachers appear disinterested, almost as if excursion translates into free for all, not my problem today.





Day 12 – Toronto – ROM – Civilisations

When I was taken on excursions to places like these we hardly dared to breathe, shouting was never allowed and we respected the places we visited. Not to sound old, or moan too much, seriously!! I know many teachers and they would never allow this, dunno what happened here. Guess they were sick of being couped up in the recent bad weather and decided to let the ROM do their job!

A quick exit to places less interesting to school parties, we headed to the other floors. We located gold from Boulder Western Australia, I pointed out a very large diamond that I will place on my next anniversary wish list. We enjoyed the rest of the exhibits with no more interruptions (as the photos show, there was plenty to see). On the whole a great place, well worth a look.

Our evening meal was found by taking a right onto Yonge Street instead of left where all the action appeared to be. We were not disappointed, we found a Persian Restaurant called Darvish.

Homemade yogurt with Persian diced shallots.

Persian Taster
Sample of each Dolme-barg, Kashk-o-bademjoon, Mast-o-moosyr and Shirazi salad

Darvish Kabob Dish
One skewer of each koobideh, barg and chicken shish kabob served with rice and two grilled tomatoes.

Great plain simple tasty food. We headed home, dodging the barking man, watching the police cars speeding up and down the street.

Big city living, goodnight Toronto.

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  1. Sounds like you are enjoying all types of food, you’re both more adventurous than I would be!

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