Day 14 travelling

Early pick up from the hotel, flight number 3. We are crossing Canada heading West to Vancouver.

Day 14 to 15 – Vancouver

Westjet, budget airlines, no food or drink included in price. Tiny plane 3+3 wide, full to the brim. There is a large party heading to Brisbane, the lady next to me was quizzing me about spiders, lucky I wasn’t feeling mean, I tried to put her mind at rest, not sure she believed me. 5 hours later, we arrive, taxis are easy here, $31 set fare, no surprises. We check in to our hotel and set out in search of food. Yaletown is our destination, pizza, beer bed. We are still on Toronto time so we retire like grandma. See you in the morning Vancouver.

Day 15

Day 14 to 15 – Vancouver

Up early, ready to have a look around. Map in hand we head off to the Vancouver lookout. The views from up there are beautiful. Mountains, ocean, city, pictures paint a thousand words I think we took a million words worth.

Gastown is our area, quaint cobblestone streets, trendy bars and cafes. We pass a few hours doing my meandering Dad proud. We find some soup, bread and beer in the Flying Pig bar for lunch. We walk back up towards our hotel, check out the free ice-rink at the university of British Columbia. If I hadn’t had a beer for lunch I would have given it a go, tomorrow will be a  different story. We plan on heading to the Yaletown branch of the flying pig for dinner as they have roast pork on the menu tonight.

Day 14 to 15 – Vancouver

On the whole so far what we have seen is that Vancouver is foodie heaven, a very grown up town, love it so far.

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