We wake bright and early in our lovely room and big comfy bed. Being budget conscious we decide not to opt for the $35 choice of eggs in the hotel, so we take a taxi into town. The free shuttle bus service doesn’t start until late and we are starving. We find a diner just next to the station and refuel before we go and explore the streets of Jasper.

Day 19 – Jasper Town

This is a picture post card place, the sun has come out and its mountains are bathed in blue sky. It almost looks as if the special effects department have been in and made it for us. Our cameras again get a work out, the pictures will explain what we mean.

When we were in Hong Kong we found a road called Nathan Road after one of our parents. So we get here and we find Patricia Street, Patricia Square, finally Mum gets a mention.

Day 19 – Jasper Town

The streets are lined with gift shops, pubs, coffee shops and we find a bakery to buy something for after our canyon walk.

We head back to the hotel to get our winter thermals on ready to head to a walk in Maligne Canyon. We are in the lobby at the set time. The bus arrives and the guide equips us with boots, klamp-ons  (spikes to prevent us falling on the ice) and helmets. We sign a disclaimer which states we could be eaten by ferocious animals, fall through the ice, or be severely injured by falling ice. Then we head off.

Day 19 – Jasper Canyon Walk

Its only about 15 minutes from our hotel, our guide is very informative. We head off on a three hour walk which takes us down into the canyon. This time the guide informs us we can get quite far down. She diligently checks the thickness of the ice and decides it is safe to proceed. We are in an ice magical wonderland. Majestic water falls frozen in time glisten in the sunshine. The sky is blue the air is crisp. The three hours walk takes us deep into the canyon. This is where time has stood still. The area changes daily, the ice hourly. We pass a group of people climbing up the ice face. We stand and watch them for a while. We had an awesome few hours, our guide Pat was enthusiastic. She clearly loves her job, and she made the tour what it was. We head back up to the bus, and begin our short ride back to the hotel.

Day 19 – Jasper Canyon Walk

“Moose, Moose” is the call from the left hand side of the bus, the guide backs up to where the creature was spotted. A disgruntled local scoffs that it is just and Elk, not a Moose. Oh well most of the people on the bus wouldn’t know the difference. Perhaps when he heads to Australia and spots a Kangaroo someone may correct him and tell him it’s only a Wallaby. Photos taken at safe distance we climb back on the bus.

Tired and probably due to be sore tomorrow, we head back. Hot showers, warm drinks and bakery goodies, we stay in the room for the evening. Bags packed ready for a 07.00 pick-up for the next journey, Lake Louise beckons tomorrow, sleep beckons tonight.

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