What a day. Got up early for the bus transporting us to Chateau Lake Louise. Fantastic journey through the Rockies, downhill most of the way. Scenic stops, sheer cliffs, frozen lakes and snow fields all around.

Day 20 – Chateau Lake Louise

Arrived at the hotel about 11.00am. Went to check-in to see if we could get our room early (should have had room at 15.00). Helpful desk attendant told us come back at 13.00. Did as told. Was told room was not ready, and given $40 worth of drink vouchers for the main bar/restaurant. Told to come back again around 13.30 ish.

Day 20 – Gold Class Lounge

Did as told. Um, things get interesting. Desk attendant then tells us that we can use the “Presidents Gold Class” lounge of the 7th Floor. This is a fully decked out private lounge that offers free breakfast, munchies (pastries, lollies, muffins, soft drinks) as well as an “honour” system for alcoholic drinks. To go with that, we are also told that we can go together in the lounge from 17.00 to 19.00 for for free canapes. All part of the Gold Class.

Day 20 – Lake Louise

After the shock of the room upgrade, and working out that we would get a free evening meal and breakfast tomorrow, we headed down onto the lake. As you can see, Lake Louise stretches as far as the eye can see. The lake has marked pathways zig-zagging all over. Whilst the lake is frozen, some parts are thicker than others.

Day 20 – Lake Louise – Sleigh ride

After a brisk walk, we headed off to the sleigh ride. Two large horses hauled us around the lake to the far end.

Day 20 – Lake Louise – Frozen waterfall

At the end we were greeted by this huge frozen waterfall.

Back to the hotel for a quick change and canapes. This turned out to be a three course meal for both of us. Hot and cold food: some served on little ceramic spoons, some in little taster dishes with some that you portion out yourself.

The million dollar question, why the Gold Class Lounge? Ok, so it turns out that our room would not be ready in time, so they upgraded us. This upgrade comes with the free Gold Class access rights. The room was situated on the top floor, looking out over the lake, roughly in the centre of the hotel. Amazing views.

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