After a great night’s sleep and eggs benedict for breakfast, we rugged up in our snow clothes and prepared for our trip.

Day 22 – Banff Dog Sledding

Today was the day of our dog sledding. My parents and sister gave us money for Christmas and we were finally getting to use it.

We were picked up at 11 and along with another 8 people we took an hour’s drive to just outside a small town called Canmore, Alberta, where the company ran its tours. Being the dog lover I was greeted with enthusiastic barks and a scene of about 50 excited dogs ready to get to work. We had our safety talk and we were assigned our guide. Luke was from all places Australia.. Go figure, all the way to Canada to have a fellow Aussie as our guide. He was a great guy, civil engineer in Oz, dog sled guide in Canada. He had a genuine affection for the dogs and he took me to meet our team of six. They were affectionate and scrambled for hugs and pets. They ranged from 11 months old to 9 years, all well cared for working athletes.

Day 22 – Banff Dog Sledding

I got to help tether them up to the sled, then it was time to go. The sled was a comfy fit for the two of us. We sped off at the guides command, each dog and those around us raring to go. I watched as the dogs sprang into action, full speed ahead. The sensible one at the front and the mischievous one at the back. One of them constantly kept checking behind, his head moving from left to right. He was making me dizzy just watching him. The guide said he was checking that the strangers behind him were not getting any closer.

Day 22 – Banff Dog Sledding

On we ran, the dogs cooled off by dipping their faces in the snow, and when really hot they plunged their whole body in. Our tour lasted 2 hours, then I got to give the dogs their treats. They were also given warm water with chicken in it. For anyone who has a dog they would know that they soon work out shortcuts to getting food. All around me the dogs were tipping over the bowls in order to get rid of the water and reach the chicken.

I dragged myself away from final pats on the heads, thanked Luke and got back on the bus to our hotel.

Day 22 – Banff Springs Hotel

The rest of our day was spent exploring the living museum that is our hotel. Grand rooms, great chandeliers, tall ceilings. The place oozed old world charm and history from every pore.

Day 22 – Banff Springs Hotel

We joined our fellow guests for our canapés and wine. It would be rude not too. Tomorrow we are on the move again. Destination Calgary, bye to the Rockies for now. “The Banff Springs Hotel is a luxury hotel that was built during the 19th century as one of Canada’s grand railway hotels, being constructed in Scottish Baronial style and located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. It was built between spring 1887 and spring 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railway at the instigation of its president, William Cornelius Van Horne“. (click to read more)


  1. wow well jel would love to do the dogs sledding hope you shouted mush xx

  2. Aww skip glad you enjoyed your Xmas pressie x looks truly amazing x

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