Adelaide to Penola. Oh dear, we are heading to another wine region.

Day 49 – Coonalpyn
Day 49 – Rymill Winery

Somebody has to do it, poor us.

393 km journey with nice roads to start with, then a long winding road with side winds that made you feel like you were wrestling with a crocodile. This is a part of a big storm that is supposed to be hitting south east South Australia.

Rewarded by a sneaky taste at Rymill vineyard. Rymill (click for external link) one of our favourite wines, that has a limited range of places to find, and limited range of wines to drink. We collected a map of the region and it’s a who’s who of the red wine big hitters. We have limited supplies from this area in WA so we are a little excited.

Day 49 – Father Woods Park

Some local carvings on the way and our 1st silo art of South Australia. Coonalpyn is a small town/street about 200km outside of Adelaide.

On our journey, we stopped at Father Woods Park (click for external link). A collection of wooden sculptures in thanks to Father Julian Tenison Woods who served in this region from 1857-67.

We arrived in Penola, the home of Mary MacKillop. She had spent some time working in the town. She was canonised as Australia’s first saint on the 17th October 2010.

Picked up some supplies for cheese and wine in our room. Picnic in tonight. Time to test one of the red wines.

Our  other WA team play their 1st game of the season tonight, we hope they fair better than our Dockers.

We have 2 nights here before we head off to Victoria, looks like we have plenty of vineyeards on our doorstep to visit tomorrow. Cheers to us tonight.

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