Departed the red-eye at 00.10 early sat morning. Unusual for Cathay, the flight was jam packed. We booked two seats (A and C).

Hoping that the central seat would be empty, but instead, we encountered  a whinging Yank who had checked in too late and had been sat away from her partner.

Nothing we could do.

Flight was noisy and filled with kids and students. No peace. Random sleeps throughout the night.

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Landed at around 7.15 and pushed through all government checks (passports and documents) very quickly. Arrived at luggage halls just in time to see bags rotating. Collected bags, grabbed a Red Taxi (taxis are colour coded depending on what part of Hong Kong you are travelling too) and took the ralley car route.

2020 – 01 04 – Jan 4th – Hong Kong

HK taxi drivers are amazing, fast, dangerous, thrilling and Webberish. Checked into hotel around 9am ish, dumped bags and headed off for hotel breakfast (that is another story). Went back to room and caught up with sleep. 2pm summoned us. Staying at the Holiday Inn (Causeway Bay – Wan Chai – Hong Kong Island).

2020 – 01 04 – Jan 4th – Hong Kong

We headed off to get our bearings and find local landmarks or reference points. Took a short walk to the Jardine Noonday Gun (see later posts) by the harbour. Continued our walk around the area and found many goodies. Found an area with wall to wall restaurants (Chinese, Korean and Japanese). Pure heaven. Noodle bar for first night. Many slurps later and bellies were filled.

2020 – 01 04 – Jan 4th – Hong Kong

As a special treat, found a wet market. Nothing special you may think. A wet market sells fish. So what you continue thinking. For us, we found an ingredient not seen since Hong Kong in 2018 and the UK in the late 70s. Razor Clams. Go on, Google it. If you find them, you won’t regret it. That will be for later in the week.

Off to our first post restaurant tomorrow lunchtime. The Ying Jee Club. Two Michelin stars and just around the corner. More about M Stars later.

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