Had a lazy lay-in this morning. Too much bourbon and blackout blinds. A good sign when you are on the 26th floor.

Breakfast, was, as before in HK (Hong Kong), a multinational approach. For the westerners, the usual fare of bacon, baked beans, scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns.

For the health conscious, fresh fruit, cereals, whole grained bread and salads (sweetcorn, lettuce, tomatoes and dressings).

Lastley, the interesting first food of the day. Dim Sums, Chow Mein,  pork buns, fried rice, congee (multiple addons to go with) and bok choy. Unusual to see all three styles of food on many plates of diners.

Had to dress to impress for lunch today. Long trousers, proper shoes and a collared shirt. Off to the Two starred Michelin Restaurant (Ying Jee Club) on Connaught Road. A quick 10 min taxi ride and seated by 12.30.

A 7 course wonder.

Marinated pigeon in hua diao, japanese cucumber in balsamic vinegar
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Dim sum selection
Double boiled whole South Africa Abalone with Matsutake mushroom and Chinese cabbage
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Abalone and Shitake Mushroom
Steam Garoupa (Groupa) with black mushroom and Yunnan Ham and bean curd
Wok fried Australian Wagyu beef with leek and black bean
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Desert of the Day.

Out the door at 14.15. An easy afternoon with great food.

A quick walk back through the streets, before finding a taxi.

Strange sight everywhere. Saw whole groups of women “camping out” under overpasses, on street corners and in public spaces. Turns out they have sunday as a day off as a live-in maids, cooks and housekeepers. They can not stay in the house they work in on a sunday.

Some were busy chatting away, some selling clothing, others were dancing, singing and swapping stories from the week.

More walking around discovering the area. Went looking for a laundry for thursday prior to leaving friday. Hotel laundry under reconstruction. Then to the other side of Times Square (local landmark for getting bearings). Finally found an internet cafe running 24/7.

Off out now to get an evening feed.

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