Woke up very early again. This jet-lag is taking its time to put itself to bed.

Our destination was Port Hardy. A small enclave on the North East part of Vancouver Island. Our starting point for a road trip over and around the Island for this next week.

Taxied to the airport (South Terminal) for our flight to Vancouver Island. Our journey departed at 08.25 and landed around 09.30.

We were welcomed by 2 to 3 inches of snow this morning. A pleasant surprise. The first that we had seen all trip.

2020 – 01 12 – Jan 12th – Canada – Vancouver Island

Our plane. What can I say. Dan Dare’s little brother. A twin turbo prop with a seating plan of 1 – 2. That is, 1 seat on the left, isle, then two seats on the right. About a 34 seater, half empty with great views of the landscape. A perfect time to stretch out and enjoy the serenity.

Good job that we only took one case: we had only paid for one case each when booking. If we had two cases, it would have cost us an arm and  a leg.

Landed on time and with luck on our side. Due to the icy conditions, and the cross winds, the flight stopped at Port Hardy and could not continue with the passengers for their onward journey.

Picked up by Hayley at airport and given a local tour, collected refreshments and additional clothing.

Drove down to Port McNeill and departed on the ferry to our final destination in Alert Bay (Cormorant Island).

2020 – 01 12 – Jan 12th – Vancouver Island Alert Bay
2020 – 01 12 – Jan 12th – Canada – Vancouver Island

Luck was on our side again. Due to the weather, the ferry has docked on the island and will stay until it is safe to travel.

I guess a 25 knot wind is not a good travel condition.

Just getting warmed up in our stay. So, we are on a stilt house at the water’s edge. When the waves crash in, the support timbers of the house thudder. This is a great getway location.

2020 – 01 12 – Jan 12th – Canada – Vancouver Island
2020 – 01 12 – Jan 12th – Vancouver Island Alert Bay

Great views of the area and water match well with the surrounding forests and mountains.

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