What a stupid night. We forgot to leave a tap running overnight, and as a result, the pipes froze.

Temp was around -4 degrees. Frozen pipes means unflushable toilet and no showers.

The owner of the place where we were staying in was kind enough to use a hair dryer and defrost the frozen pipes. During that time, we showered at Hayley’s place, and dropped washing off at the town laundromat.

2020 – 01 14 – Jan 14th – Vancouver Island

After all the water dramas, we went for a visit to the local First Nations centre (U’mista Cultural Centre).

2020 – 01 14 – Jan 14th – Vancouver Island Alert Bay

The U’mista Cultural Centre is one of the longest-operating and most successful First Nations cultural facilities in BC, founded in 1980 as a ground breaking project to house potlatch artifacts which had been seized by government during an earlier period of cultural repression.

U’mista now operates a modern museum and cultural education facility in Alert Bay.

Their operations include the museum, an extensive art gallery and gift shop, group tours, and presentations by dance troupes.

The facility hosts international scholars, and supports researchers in a range of disciplines.


2020 – 01 14 – Jan 14th – Vancouver Island

Awak’was means a “place to sit and talk” in the Kwakwala language and represent the five ‘Na’mima — clans — of the ‘Namgis Nation.

The Awak’was were the summer seats where ‘Namgis Chiefs met, women often gave small potlatch gifts out to other ladies and was a general place to meet, discuss and make decisions for the people.

Namgis Burial Ground

2020 – 01 14 – Jan 14th – Vancouver Island Alert Bay

The Namgis burial grounds, where Totem Poles in Memory of those who have passed away. 

2020 – 01 14 – Jan 14th – Vancouver Island

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  1. Hi your really getting around and seeing all the island has to offer.
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