A lazy sobering day today.

Got up late and fired off a bacon and egg breakie roll at the digs.

Day 2

Something really tasty about tomato sauce dripping off of a hot bacon and a sunny side up fried egg.

Drove into Cowaramup and picked up a great coffee from our regular coffee shop (Two Cracks Coffee). The owner of the store was there roasting away on his machine. He has said that his new 10kg roasting machine is in Perth and will be delivered soon. More productive than his 2kg mini-roaster.

Finally got to Lefthanders at Gracetown. Lefthanders is at the end of Lefthanders Road. Sitting in the car park, and to the left down the beach, is the Lefthanders surf spot. Down a meandering wooden staircase, with minimal sand staircase as the end, the beach walk beckoned.

2021 – 04 05 – 5th April – Margaret River – Gracetown – Lefthanders

Around maybe 800mtrs later, we parked ourselves on the sand and fired up the cameras. This has only been the second time we have seen surfers here, so, right place and right time today.

All age ranges and genders tackled the surf spot.

Old and young romantic surfers, pausing to look back at the surf, tempting them as they make their way back to base and the confines of the car park.

Should they stay for one more surf, or trudge back with no regrets. Tourists and locals with grinning faces trading waves sharing the one that didn’t get away.

Drove over to Gracetown and parked up at North Point. North Point has a car park at the top that overlooks the bay.

2021 – 04 05 – 5th April – Margaret River – Gracetown – North Point Sunset

We were lucky enough tonight to catch a pod of dolphins having a feed. Sunset was a close second to the pod.

2021 – 04 05 – 5th April – Margaret River – Gracetown – North Point Sunset

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