Singlefile Wines

Singlefile Wines takes its name from the resident geese, who parade gracefully in single file each day at dusk en route to the lake below the vineyards.

2022 – 01 15 – Jan 15th – Denmark Mixed (Singlefile Wines)

Greens Pool

Greens Pool lies on the edge of William Bay National Park and is famous for its turquoise green waters and pristine white sandy beach. Large granite boulders surround the pool, protecting it from the might of the Southern Ocean.

2022 – 01 15 – Jan 15th – Denmark Mixed (Greens Pool)

Beautiful at all times of the year, Greens Pool is especially popular in summer. The calm waters provide great recreation opportunities for the whole family. You can swim or snorkel or just relax on the beach or on the rocks overlooking the water.

Elephant Rocks and Elephant Cove

At Elephant Rocks, huge granite boulders resemble a herd of elephants lumbering out to sea. A short walk trail from the carpark takes you to a lookout over Elephant Rocks. From here, you can just imagine that these massive boulders are elephants sunning themselves before heading off for a swim.

2022 – 01 15 – Jan 15th – Denmark Mixed (Elephant Rocks)

Elephant Cove is accessed via a staircase which descends between the rocks and ends in a beach crevasse allowing you to walk onto the beach.

2022 – 01 15 – Jan 15th – Denmark Mixed (Elephant Cove)

Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach is named for the small waterfall that tumbles onto the beach. This beach is not as sheltered as others in the park but is still a great place for recreation, especially fishing. In the winter months, a freshwater stream cascades onto the white sands of Waterfall Beach.

Lights Beach

One of the many beautiful beaches in the area, Light’s Beach is located just east of William Bay National Park near Denmark.

2022 – 01 15 – Jan 15th – Denmark Mixed (Lights Beach)

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is a must-visit while in Denmark, the perfect place to relax and take a deep breath of beautiful fresh ocean air. The perfect grassy area overlooking the waves, seated look-out area, an undercover pavilion, Surf Club, toilets and showers, make this a an around favourite!

Lions Lookout

From the Lions Lookout, there are fantastic views of the beach surf as well as the calm darker waters of the Wilson Inlet. The lookout (just above Ocean Beach) overlooks the channel between the Wilson Inlet and the ocean (when opened), and is ideally placed to check out the surf.

2022 – 01 15 – Jan 15th – Denmark Mixed (Lions Lookout)

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