04.00 alarm, and not a soul in sight out the front. 04.30 taxi from Fremantle and we are finally on our way to Perth Airport. 15 months in the planning and the Long Service Leave has arrived. Perth Airport is still what it is. A third division airport attempting to join the premier league.

20 years and it should be there. Cathay Pacific as an airline have been fantastic. A 2am text from the airline welcoming us to the flight later that morning. Great customer service.

Outback Australia

Plane and flight was fantastic. Plane was only 1/3 full. 6 seats between us with room to stretch out. Twenty years ago I took my last flight. Today, flights have changed. Inflight entertainment screen on the headrest in front. Unlimited videos, music and tv shows to watch. Even ports to charge devices. Foods and drink flowing free. 8 hours of pure heaven.

D2 Hong Kong Nathan Road

Just got back from a wander into town. We are staying on a road called Nathan Road and staying in the Nathan Hotel. Even funnier, one of our parents is called Nathan. A kind gentlemen of the family who is taking an interest in the historics of Hong Kong. For food, we walked next door (200 meters) or so from our hotel to the Temple Street Night Markets. That’s a whole page on its own. Razor Clams with black bean sauce, vegetarian wantons and stuffed seafood in baby crab shells. All washed down with longnecks.

Day 1 Hong Kong Eats

Last, but not least, two lots of something on a stick. We say something, because we don’t know and probably do not want to know. Lady who was stuffing her face with a kebab stick, pointed to her stomach and said belly. Just after we paid, we worked it out. Some kind of meat stuffed inside pig intestines that looked like crackling. The sauces draped over what lay beneath. Tasted amazing. Update – It was just deep fried pigs intestines.

On the walk back to the hotel, we went looking for our Michelin Two Star restaurant hidden on the four floor of a 7 floored shopping centre. More about that lunch tomorrow.


  1. Hi Mr Rintoul its room 9 here. The children wanted to tell you that they found some spelling mistakes! We will jump on the Ipads soon enough to comment 🙂

  2. Sounds a great place, hope you have packed indigestion and other stuff you may need eating different food!!! Has your suite got a mini bar???

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