Bit of a tough day. We didn’t realise that one of the last things we ate included gastro for 1.

With that in mind, one of us stayed in and filled up on fluids.

The other went looking for culture.

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2020 – 01 22 – Jan 22nd – Vancouver

That in mind, the Vancouver Art Gallery proved tempting.

2020 – 01 22 – Jan 22nd – Vancouver

Cindy Sherman had an exhibition entitled, well, no title to be honest.

Cynthia Morris Sherman (born January 19, 1954) is an American artist whose work consists exclusively of photographic self-portraits, depicting herself in many different contexts and as various imagined characters.

2020 – 01 22 – Jan 22nd – Vancouver

This important exhibition explores the development of Cindy Sherman’s work from the beginning of her career in the mid-1970s to the present day.

The first retrospective of this internationally acclaimed artist’s work in Canada for 20 years, it includes selections from each of her major series, including new and rarely seen works.

2020 – 01 22 – Jan 22nd – Vancouver

Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading contemporary artists, Sherman manipulates her own appearance by deploying material inspired by a range of cultural sources, including film, advertising and fashion.

2020 – 01 22 – Jan 22nd – Vancouver

For almost 50 years, she has consistently explored the tension between identity and persona through the creation of characters that she assumes in each of the photographs.

After a trip around the gallery, evening food was calling.

2020 – 01 22 – Jan 22nd – Vancouver

A proper Poutine was chowed down on tonight. Much better than the 2018 one.


  1. Who went looking for culture,???
    I guess it was Ian ????

    Hopefully you will be careful what you are eating !!

  2. Who went looking for culture,???

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